A Unique Story…

Babou and Samba meet as children in Gambia, but are soon faced with the harsh realities of adult life in a society with few economic opportunities. Like many of their peers they are driven by ambition, idealism and pressure from their community to embark on an epic journey towards Europe, leaving behind everything they know and love.

They must make huge sacrifices on a journey that is more treacherous than they could have imagined. Ultimately, their experiences en route force them to question their original dreams and motivations. As they approach the shores of the Mediterranean, will their resolve alone allow them to realise their ambitions?

… Told By Those Who Lived It

Life en Route is the result of a collaborative writing process between our UK-based team and Senegambian cast and co-director. The film will recreate scenes from our protagonists’ real-life journey. Defying fiction and documentary norms, Babou and Samba will ‘play themselves’, drawing on their embodied experience to fuel a gripping, revealing and intimate portrayal.

Film Status

Life en Route has raised initial investment amounting to 25% of the budget, and began shooting in January 2018. We are still in negotiation to raise additional investment, as well as meeting partners to build momentum and champion the film.

A ten page proposal document, and six minute teaser is available for any interested parties. The document outlines the story, details our unique production methodology, and provides links to other work-in-progress videos.


A Film is Born

Whilst visiting Marrakesh for a week to shoot a documentary on legendary interior designer Bill Willis for Sketch Films, I happened to meet Babou and Samba, who were selling trinkets in the Jemaa el Fna square. We shared dinner in a local back-street Senegalese cafe, and the story they told of their journey to Morocco …


If you are interested to know more about Life en Route, then please contact the team via email info@lifeenroutefilm.com, or phone +44 (0)7879 024848

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